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Have you heard about it or have you been recommended to go to a Chiropractor but are not sure what this specialty can do to improve your well-being? Now we make it easy! Get a professional CHIROPRACTIC valuation (valued at €40) of your State completely FREE by booking your First Visit today.

What do We do?

  • General interview

(Main pain, symptoms, medications, history, diet, emotional state)

  • Examination of old medical tests performed

  • Postural and tread exam

  • Vestibular exam

  • Examination of dental occlusion

  • Bowel exam

  • PH test of saliva

You Get

  • Detailed report

Findings in the different body systems and their possible causes in relation to the ailment

  • Treatment Proposal

Detailed information on the proposed treatment and definition of the 3 probable causes of the ailment

  • Request for possible tests

If you need to expand the diagnostic tests to move forward with the study of the medical

Chiropractic treatments do not focus solely on the spine of the patient but simultaneously treat the possible causes that may affect the ailment from the different systems involved,

including the following guidelines:


Maintenance exercises or to recover fitness, stretching and relaxation exercises or postural correction.

We have a personal trainer who advises us in everything related to these aspects.


Changes in food and hydration, purifying or detoxifying processes, changes in harmful hygiene products recommendation on natural supplementation.


Small changes to control stress or collaboration with our Psychologists focused on the condition that you have or suffer specifically, if deemed necessary and / or advisable.

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Scheduled appointments for the different disciplines

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