Personal training  

to improve your posture

Our training is  therapeutic , focused on recovering and maintaining your physical form while caring for your spine and back, helping to prevent future ailments.

We specialize in semi-private training, in groups of maximum 3 people, focused on the body-mind connection. Reconnect with the needs of your body, analyzing with you the origin of the muscular and structural imbalances that cause the pain and we devise the perfect training to work on the muscular symmetry of your body.

Our training groups are designed by a Chiropractor, postural health specialist, and are led by our trainers to ensure you achieve your health goals.

Therapeutic & Functional

We work on the training principles that are useful in your day to day. We focus on your focus of pain to work the source of the imbalance.


Strength and resistance exercises to grow the muscles.


Coordination and speed exercises to improve muscle accuracy


Stretches to enhance muscle recovery

Personal training in the service of well-being is a trend that we can find more and more often in training centers. Training your body is essential to achieve and maintain optimal vertebral health and in general throughout the body.

Musculature - Joints - Spine

The joint work between Chiropractor and personal trainer is a perfect strategy to maintain your postural health for longer.

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Scheduled appointments for the different disciplines

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